Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Excuses and the Palooza.

Well, the excuses have started. Something to do with an inconsistant strike zone during Tuesday's game. Another rookie pitcher "making pitches when he had too" and dominating our squad as well as the Twins "no taking advantage of opportunites" (see 14 LOB last night). I was shining my shoes last night while watching the game, guess which activity was more fun?

Just so I can start talking about Garza sooner, I'm going to be brief. Blame Tuesday's game on another boot by our shortstop (sort of), but mostly on our inability to hit. Ditto that for last night. The strike zone did some inconsistant Tuesday, but at least it was inconsistant for both teams. Joe needs to be swinging on close pitches with 2 strikes. Garza's curveball to Ordonez that was a called strike 3 was too high. Cuddy took at least one pitch in the 6th that was right down the middle and called a ball. Don't blame the umps, sort of blame the defense but completely blame this squads inability to hit left hand pitching. Robertson isn't a terrible pitcher. I mean, he's no John Dank's, wait a minute ..... he is. Come on guys, just score a run or two. Oh, I understand Punto is a very good defensive player, but if you aren't going to hit (please see .209 batting average) then get a damn bunt down. Like I've said before, if Punto isn't going to hit in the .290-.300 area & steal some bases, he shouldn't be starting. I can live with the Punto of last year as our starter (can you say career year), but I can't live with the Punto from the other two years.

How much do we love Garza. I'm not going to start saying we've found our new "pitcher not to be named", but he has looked good. Granted it's two starts and let's see if he's still doing this good at start 5 and 6, but it gets me excited for our staff next year. The kid looks good out there. Seems to mix his pitches better. Now, can we trade someone for a thrid baseman? Six guys I can think of that might be interesting (and younger): Atkins, Chad Tracy, Ty Winnington, Mark Teahan, Bill Hall or Ed Encarnacion. Baker's been pitching well, Slowely wasn't terrible, Garza looks pretty good. I mean, really? They still want Perkins to be a starter so how many prospects can we have?

Happy day-late birthday to the namesake. 32 and still kicking ass. Hope I can still hit bombs in softball when I'm that old. Who am I kidding with that last statement.


Hops said...

DO NOT blame any of these losses on defense. Bartlett's error led to ONE run. Getting shut-out at home is NOT Scotish.

Is a trade now too late? I'm not very pleased with our Quietly Stubborn Genius for waiting this's been apparent this team needed to make a move for awhile now. I heard him on KFAN the other day, and he seemed pissed that the players he has now aren't hitting for more power...specifically Cuddyer. While it does suck that Cuddy's been a singles hitter lately...that's hardly the most pressing problem with this line-up.

At the game on Tuesday...when Punto came up (in your aforementioned bunting situation) the kid in front of me (maybe twelve years old) screamed to his buddies, "Aww man, I HATE Punto!". I looked at him and said, "You do NOT hate Nick Punto" (I was drunk). Then I told him that if Nick Punto didn't hit a triple, I'd give him a dollar.

Smitty said...

Minus one dollar. The hitting is the reason the squad isn't winning.

They have to trade for a bat. Watching the Tigers I'm wondering why the Twins just don't go with the young pitchers for the next couple years. Remember when Bonderman, Robertson and Marmoth were young? They weren't so good, but they had talent. Now they are part of a very good rotation and pitching well. Granted the Tiger's didn't have a chance in those days, but young guys need to learn.

So, trade for a hitter. I'd prefer someone they could have for two more years, but get someone. Or, make the choice to be a seller. Maybe try to get some contract extenstions/deals done (Santana, Hunter, Castillo).

Hops said...

But if they become a seller then they can't extend contracts, right? Why extend Hunter if you're going to be a seller? He's who your selling.

Now that Cuddyer's on the DL...if Ryan doesn't bring someone in here, he HAS to build for next year. If we stand pat, I'll throw up all over myself.

Kaiser said...

I have my "Super Great in '08" hat on already...