Friday, November 02, 2007

Two things I've read

First, it's the Torii watch. The White Sox are making efforts to talk with his agent. Torii in a Sox uni, kinda hurts. I imagine Ozzie like that kid in high school asking the prom queen out and she checks "maybe" on the note. The excitement builds and you ignore the potential let down if she eventually goes with the doofus hockey player. This isn't a real life experience, but it does provide me with the opportunity to say how much the class of 95 still thinks about Courtney Olson and Anna Siebert. Nice, worked them into another quote. Anyway, please Torii, if you don't come back here, please don't play there. I don't want to hear Hawk Harrelson say, "it's back, way back, put it on the board....NO. Torii makes another synsational catch for the Good Guys".

A Rod wants $350 million dollars with his next contract. The Yankees were going to offer an extension that would have been worth $230 million. That, obviously wasn't enough. Is anyone really going to pay that amount of money? Heal yes someone will. Baseball is so frickin financially Scroog McDuck right now that someone will pay it. Then ARod will build a large rectagular building with a big $ sign on it and dive off his diving board into his pool of gold coins. Then still suck in the playoffs, still hurt his club house, still make dumbass comments about other players and their relationship (Jeter) and cripple his teams chance to get better. Enjoy Cooperstown and being considered one of the top 5 players of all time. I dont want anything to do with you.


Tim said...

Ok, devil's advocate time....

Though I do not doubt that Boras and by extension A-Rod are looking out for pecuniary interests, I am going say that opting out was not solely for monetary purposes. I will go so far to say that it was not even the main reason.

I think A-Rod rightly sees the Yankees as a sinking ship and when it finally hits the bottom, it is he that is going to take the blame. A-Rod is concerned with image and legacy as much as anyone ever to play the game. In this respect, I think Britney Spears could learn a thing or two from Alex Rodriguez.

If I am A-Rod I see Joe Torre leaving, and being grossly mistreated by an ownership filled with hubris. Every player of significance on the roster is 33 or older. Mariano Rivera is cooked, Posada is likely leaving, and Jeter and I just aren't "boys" anymore. It is true that there is some young talent, Cabrera/Cano/Wang/Hughes/Chamberlain but is that the makings of a championship nucleus?

It is true that the Yankees can supplement that core group of players with whomever they want (see: Santana, Johan). But I contend it was the nucleus that enabled theYankees to reach the heights they did in the ancient times of the late 90s. That nucleus is done and the next group just does not seem to be as good.

So if I am A-Rod and I never really embraced playing in New York and vice-versa, I get while the gettin' is good. If Scott Boras can get JD Drew 70 million I gotta think A-Rod won't be taking a pay cut.

So, again if I am A-Rod, and for SO MANY REASONS I CLEARLY AM NOT, I turn my attention to the west coast and have the Angels and Dodgers get into a bidding war over me, knowing that each of these teams knows that whoever does not get me automatically becomes the Triple A team of So Cal. (Or perhaps a Clippers/Lakers metaphor is more apt). Neither of these teams wants to be the Clippers and my bank account will benefit

If I am A-Rod I would also get back to SS which I prefer over 3B and if I go to the Dodgers I get to play for my former manager and hang out with Vin Scully before he dies.

Of course, maybe I am wrong and A-Rod is just a greedy effing cancer that no team in their right mind wants anything to do with.

Tim said... looks like he is going back to the Yanks.