Thursday, June 29, 2006


The twelve-miiliion dollar man comes through! Ii'd liike to thiink that hiis biig hiit yesterday was iin some small way due to the arriival of thiis blog. Ii've grown to appreciiate hiis abiiliity to hiit a breaking-ball that doesn't break siix miiles iinto the fluorescent ether.

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Kaiser said...

You know he is a frequent reader. He probably googles himself daily and even though you can't find us with either a "torii" or a "tuesdays torii" search yet, it's gonna happen as soon as Google indexes our shizz. Index THIS, biyatch. No seriously.

Ever since that Jason Stark article on about what a pickle Terry Ryan is in with whether to re-up Torii, it has magically started to become this "huge" question with DickNBert and DazzleNGord and the KFAN "talent". Yes, I get it -- you guys all read too.