Monday, July 03, 2006

They're not 'Lewing' anymore

The baseball all-star game is the most interesting of all the major pro all-star games. Congratulations.

I do find the "final vote" process silly, however. If there's really four (or five) more guys that we think are deserving...just add them to the squad. Does it really matter? This isn't like diluting the hall-of-fame by electing unqualified's an exhibition game. Whoops...sorry, Herr Selig...I forgot, IT COUNTS. Well then...having more players will reduce the chance the game will be ended by a P.A. announcement.

Silliness aside...go vote for Liriano. He's filthy dirty.

As far as I can're allowed to vote 16,000 times per email address.

(Oh yeah...the silliest part of the final vote? Lew Ford was eligible in 2004. Lew Ford...almost all-star. Right.)


Kaiser said...

It appears to be the most interesting of all major popularity contests too. First for the fans -- then for the two coaches -- and finally for the players. Funniest moment so far for me was A.J. Pierzynski getting approximately a half of a player vote because he is sass head.

filthy + dirty = flirty?

Hops said...

I agree with Harold the Genius on Baseball Tonight. If we (MLB and the fandom) are really looking to "fair up" the process...take the reserves out of the managers hands. It's not like Ozzie went overboard(looking at you Joe Torre). He has a good team and they were the champs last year. But the managers are always going to take their guys over someone many clubhouse politics to side-step. So have MLB name the reserves...or have voting decide everything.

Hops said...

Just to "harold the genius" comment was sincere. I like Harold Reynolds a lot. As a matter of fact, the only way to improve Baseball Tonight is to move it to HBO and add gratuitous nudity. As long as I'm programming...I'd replace the horrible "Tourgasm" with Baseball Tonight and run it next to Entourage.

Done and done.

Kaiser said...

Moving Basball Tonight over to HBO, unfortunately, would also introduce the possibility of John Kruk in a thong. If that's not throw up in your own mouth worthy, I don't know what is.

I also like Harold Reynolds a lot on that show. Not to mention Peter Gammons. Has he recovered from the stroke incident?

I don't know that the voting thing can ever be fair. Sure the managers are biased, and you can't really blame them for choosing their own players, because I think anyone would in that situation. And fan voting always favors bigger markets (you're welcome Mark Loretta). Maybe we need to steal that BCS computer and turn it into an OPS computer and come up with somekind of mathematical equation for why Frankie needs to be starting this game.