Thursday, August 10, 2006

If You're Not First, You're Last

Syzygy, it's not just for female college ultimate players anymore.

No, this time it was stars aligning -- stars in the form of emergent white dwarf Justin Morneau and super giant Joel Zamaya throwing pure stellar wind and black hole gravity bending curveballs from which not even Pedro Serrano post-"F@#* you Jobu" could escape. A nice post over at Gleeman on the significance of Morneau's performance thus far and potential place in Twins history. Killebrew was the Tyco Brahe of astronomical Twins power hitting and Justin is following very copernicilliously in his footsteps so far.

Speaking of black holes -- er, sucking rather -- this happened last night too. Apparently (I don't want to hear about) Papelbon is not so supernova-like after all. If the Royals getting our backs isn't evidence of some bizarre cosmic machinery, what is?

Even the star-fillled, over-hyped, Ursa Major of baseball is helping out the cause now.

Will we finally get to see some big flaming gas balls from Matt Garza this weekend? Smith will get another start on Saturday, so I'll put the over/under on Garza's appearance at about the 3rd inning.

A whole post full of astronomical metaphors and I didn't once mention Randy Moss's full moon. Aren't you proud of me?


Hops said...

Smith is back on Pluto...Boof (if ever an alien name) is pitching on Sat.

Garzapolooza starts tomorrow night.

Pooh said...

Joe Buck is so proud of you...

Kaiser said...

Ah. Then lied to me.

Hops said...

In honor of the Fightin' Canadian's historic game last night...a reminder:

Scott Stahoviak
Shane Mack
Paul Sorrento
Bernardo Brito (remember?)
Marty Cordova
David McCarty
Todd Sears

Kaiser said...

Barreiro has a post up right now at Bump's Blog about Morneau. This might deserve a longer post, but essentially the argument that is bouncing around in my cranium is this:

Let's say it again: Mauer is the Twins' best player. The Justino is the Twins' 2006 MVP.

Not only that, what is it about Mauer that has multiple national people calling HIM an MVP candidate and not Morneau. Doesn't an objective observer see that Morneau is by far having the better season this year? Semi-objective outsider Pooh?

Smitty said...

I will say that Mauer is deserving of consideration, but Morneau is having a better year. Heck, how can you not consider him the front runner for the MVP or at least AP Player of the Year. Not only are his numbers just as good if not better then Papi, Hafner and Jeter (what??) but his team has more wins.

Do I smell another button campaign from the marketing genious that is the Twins staff??

Hops said...

genius? Since when? this is the same group that has been using one hand to slap around the Metrodome while the other hand tries to get more fans to come out to "Twins Territory".

There's some Ortiz backlash out there right now...claiming Manny's power numbers are nearly as solid, but with a better average and on-base.

I'm not sure how many numbers, other than average, JM's actually ahead of Big Papi...but he'll be in the discussion. Ortiz has momentum from last year...never underestimate the fact that momentum from a perceived slight can be HUGE. Jeter's a legit candidate...Hafner's not 'cuz his team's terrible and he's REALLY ugly.

Papi wins today...with Morneau, Jeter, Vernon, and Manny rounding out the top 5.