Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goulosh & a new season

There aren't very many things I anticipate in life. Not to over-use too many cliches, but I'd like to think I'm your basic "go with the flow" type. But I find myself feeling like I did on those great past car rides heading west on Interstate 90. When my mouth started watering at the thought of Grandma Smith's goulosh waiting for me in Luverne, MN. Homemade applesauce (the greatest thing every created, suck it wheel!) and O'Boise potato chips sitting next to the bowl of Goulosh. Why? The season is upon us, the first Grapefruit league game is today against the Evil Empire's hot sister, the Boston Red Sox. You might think she's different cause she's hot, but oh no, she's just as crazy (sorry Seth). I have a hard time waiting for the box scores, even if it's a split squad game. I'm looking forward to the return of TPX (Lecroy) and seeing him hit .300 for the spring. For those interested, that would be 6 for 20 with 3 HR, 2 DB, a bloop hit and 10 k's. I'm just sayin. I'm looking forward to Santana's changeup, Guerrire's curveball, Nathan's twitching, Mauer's sideburns & sweet swing and Morneau's freakishly large forearms. I'm even slightly looking forward to Ponson's last ditch attempt at a baseball check. Although I refuse to let the Twins Marketing department, Pioneer Press or Star Tribune convince me that if he does make the team, we can get 15 wins from him. Sorry Sydney, you burned me three years ago in Fantasy Baseball and that sort of thing doesn't die in Smitty's mind.

On a side note, Terry Ryan shows more genius every day. Crain got a three year extension which might not be a big deal for most, but if you are planning on using young pitchers in the rotation over the next three years, you better make sure the best bullpen in the AL still has arms. I like it. Big question is whether or not Nathan or Morneau is next. Why can't T Ryan give a speech to the crappy Minneapolis City Planners on "how to plan for the future".


Hops said...

Good call on the boxscore(s). It's funny how much I love reading those every morning. I tried doing it with the NBA for awhile...until I remebered there isn't one thing that league can do to make pro basketball interesting for me again.

I also like the Crain signing...and how much attention is being given to the rationale for such signings...arbitration clock, etc.

Smitty said...

My favorite thing about T Ryan and his contracts, as he described, he doesn't do the Chase Utley 7 year deals cause it puts the team in such a crappy position after year 3 or 4. The player is usually past their prime and become almost untradeable unless it's to a team that doesnt care about spending money. How do you help this? Good minor league system. Done.

Hops said...

My pick for greatest invention...the beer can.

crystal said...

There is no greater drive than I-90 West, I'm with you there. For me, though, it's Del's Bars and omelettes and the Magnolia Steak House that get my mouth watering.

Tom and Sue Brakke are going to a Twins game in Florida next week. I expect them to bring me home Justin Morneau in a suitcase as a souvenir.

Kaiser said...

What's that I hear!? Another political call to arms from Smitty for Terry Ryan? I've got the campaign button for just such an occassion:

(clicky clicky)