Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Dream is over?

I can't help be read about the latest cuts and be a little sad. The day-dream sets in, I picture myself outside the Twins locker room, walking towards Gardy's office hoping to get a nice Gardy comment on the upcoming season. Out of the corner of my slightly smaller eyes I see a bowling ball sized man walking down the hall. Powerful and compact. Could this be the next guy to challenge TC in a softball hitting home run contest? Maybe the Twins front office finally found Les Straker. Or, no, could it be TPX taking is final steps in these hallowed halls? It is, the dream of having our favorite, soon to be greatest softball player of all time, Twins Catcher/1B/DH joke with Torii and Cuddy about the good-ol-days is gone. Over the PA I hear Patick Swayze's "She's like the Wind" playing softly. I tell myself that baseball is a business, but this man has heart. He's got that Lou-se-ana something that everyone loves to have near. The anger sets in. I feel a little like Ricky Vaughan in "Major League"; I want to storm into Gardy's office, break some filing cabinets (with nothing in them I might add) and tell him he's made the biggest mistake cutting TPX. Then I hear Souhan & Neal say Silva and Ponson are going to be in the rotation. Swayze's record scratches and I'm back to reality. What? They are both making the rotation?

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Kaiser said...

There's no way Silva's heliocentric pitching style (meaning it tries to disobey physics but cannot) gets him more than two or three starts before it's Garzapalooza time.