Monday, March 05, 2007

RSN Fires Back

As an aside, inside and especially snide response

If I can Elbow my way in here for the moment, who amongst us is really qualified to comment on the way McHale ruins, er, runs his Franchise? To be Frank, it's his Job, Doc, not yours. When your best player gets himself so amped up, he scares potential signings with a Tourette's like stream of F-Bombs, it probably makes your Job harder. I know KG would give his Left Arm for some support, and performing Major Reconstruction on an NBA roster is not brain Surgery, but it's still an Invasive Procedure, after which only time will tell. It's not as if we ever thought McHale was some kind of Prodigy or Phenom, anyway.

But seriously, I'm hard pressed to become especially interested yet. Yes, yes, Dice-K, swarms of Japanese media. Manny being Manny (thankfully, I was taking the AK, not Mass, bar as the MbM theory was one aspect of 'self-defense' that I didn't have to learn). A-Rod trying to get traded. Griffey's kid's kid breaking Griffey's kid's hand. On his yacht. (Presumably Latrell Sprewell has been cleared of any involvement.) Gary Sheffield is an asshole. The Cubs think they are going to win if they stay healthy and Sweet Lou can do the voodoo that he do so well. All that don't confront me, as long as I get my money next Friday.

Until the end of CBS's production of MarchMaditionLikeAnyOther, I'm just not sure I can be bothered to respond to all the Red (Sox) baiting that is sure to come from my McCarthyite co-bloggers. But, since it's your rules, I won't name names either.


Hops said...

Baiting? No...I was just wondering how the new rivalry was going with the 2nd place Toronto Blue Jays?

Kaiser said...

How about "inticing perspective through cantakerism"?

(congrats on the bar, by the way)