Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry about this one

First of all, what up Coop? Thanks for reading and big thanks to you and the ship mates.

Second, and I apologize for this one, but there has been some discussion with the other TWT writers about the recent Yankee crap regarding Torre, A-Rod and even Jeter.
Not that this will surprise anyone who knows me, but I've already started looking at my Fantasy Baseball draft strategy for next year (for those counting, I finished 1st and 3rd in my two leagues). Due to all the press on the Yankees, I was curious as to "Is A-Rod the #2 or #3 pick next year?" I say he still is. His stats are still ridiculous, .285-35-120 or something like that.

With that said, fantasy stuff has nothing to do with real baseball, it's just another stat junkies way to gamble. However, I do think it's unfair to put all the Yankee woe's on A-Rod. Sure he's an idiot from time to time, twitches too much after every ball/strike and think's alittle too highly of himself, but he had a better year then Giambi, Posada, and Damon. So what that he didn't hit in the playoffs, what did Cano do? He finished 3rd in AL in average and didn't have a hit in the playoffs (well, he didn't through 3 games). Then Torre gets blamed for this stuff. Hey, not his fault his GM/Owner refuse to get pitchers that can actually pitch.

The Yankee inability to win the Series in recent years (I refuse to call it a "downfall" when you make the playoffs every year and have the highest payroll) falls on Cashman and more importantly Steinberner. I love that Torre told him (Steinbrenner) this year to stop complaining to the press about players. I think Torre realizes that they haven't given him a "team" since the late '90's. Sure they can hit, but the defense is OK and their pitching, well, come on.

Torre is an excellent manager, A Rod is an idoit but still one of the top 5 or 6 players around. Cashman is a tool and Steinbrenner is too full of himself. I just hope he doesn't realize what a good GM we have, drops a couple bags of cash on his lap and says, "Well, how about a trip to the dark side?"


Kaiser said...

But we're still happy they lost. Go small markets, go.

Hops said...

Does it seem, 24 hours later, that the whole "Torre's gone" thing was completely made-up by Unscrupulous Media Types? It does to me.

Tim said...

I am quite sure that Ryan wouldn't leave, even for the "bags of cash" you mentioned. I am pretty sure that a team (Toronto, if memory serves) was courting Ryan pretty heavily right around the time the contraction talk was in full swing. If he didn't leave then, he wouldn't leave now.

Smitty said...

I agree. I think since Terry has been in the organization for such a long time as scout and GM, he identifies with the team. Similar to Billy Bean in Oakland, he likes what he's created & likes the ego rub from being a small market guy. Don't really think TR is the last part, I just don't think Billy is the genious of baseball.

Yankee stuff overblown, I'd believe it. Funny, Mets in the in the playoffs still and the only thing out of NY is what happened to the Yankees, Torre and trade ARod. We don't care anymore.