Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where's Garth Iorg When You Need Him?

Our timeliness in commenting on the World Series is matched only by our interest level...which is to say both scored at Gary Russell level lows

An overdue, "congratulations" to the Cardinals and their fans. (Particularly any that may be related to me in one fashion or another) And a big “thank-you” for taking the 1987 Twins off the hook as being the “worst” team to win a World Series. This was one of those rare times when all the bullshit about getting no respect may actually fit…everyone thought the well-rested Tigers would roll. C’est la Vie.

Warm and fuzzies aside…boy did that World Series suck. There was potential for late-inning drama, if only the Tiger pitchers could have held onto the ball. (I’m too tired to even make a Kenny Rogers joke here) Was anyone outside the Cardinal dugout truly excited when they kept scoring runs off of errant throws? Fortune is a necessary ingredient to success…but it makes for a more satisfying meal when accompanied by 9th inning rallies and lights-out pitching. And a team from New York, obviously.

What now? Well, while trying like hell not to become a Wild fan, I’ll be checking in on the hot-stove action…waiting for Justin Morneau to be named MVP, Johan Cy-Young, and Kyle Lohse Comeback Player of the Year.

Possible upcoming posts include a rant on steroids in baseball vs. football, and a three-part essay on who would win a game of NHL ’94 between present-day Smitty and time-gone-by Smitty.

Check here for a nice take on some additional off-season story lines.

And be sure to checkout the Strib’s four-parter on Kirby.

Lastly, just to remind everyone I’m a bearded socialist…this is fun.


Hops said...

Silva's coming back...Twins picked up his option today.

Kaiser said...

Yeah seriously. How many bad throws were there by Tigers pitchers in that series? Do they not work on that?

I'll take time-gone-by Smitty in the self-off. His skills were sharper.

Jill Sobule rules.

Hops said...

I believe 8 errors for the series...5 by pitchers, 2 by Inge, and one on Tim McCarver for being an idiot.

Kaiser said...

By the way, who's Garth Iorg? Too lazy to google...

crystal said...

Jill Sobule went from kissing a girl instead of Fabio to singing impeachment songs on You Tube in just a few short years. Impressive.

Smitty said...

Politcis, politics, politics. I'm writing in Willy, Sandwick and Crystal for polical office. I'm just saying, I trust you guys.

Series was boring. Errors suck. McCarver still in good form. Glad to see Fox still hire's him instead of, I don't know, Harold Reynolds or anyone else. Did he finagle some kind of lifetime, DePietro contract with Fox?

I'll take present-day Smitty. If you don't think I still play, you're wrong. Plus, I get less frustrated now when a goal is scored against me.