Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Aww, Smitty, That's Cute

I have refreshing beverage for you:

And in honor of Mr. Sparkle, I hear it's a nice mixer for Santori times.

Ring-a-ding-ding, babe.


Hops said...

Smitty...you don't have to take that from RSN.

Here...start dating this chick...that'll show 'em.


Kaiser said...

If you sleep with her though, you'll have slept with everyone who's every slept with the evil empire.

Hops said...

More good news today...from LEN3's "blog":

If things weren’t bad enough, there’s food poisoning moving through the clubhouse. Torii Hunter, Joe Nathan and Rick Stelmaszek are among the affected Twins

Tim said...

Not Stelly!!!! No, please God, no.

On a side note, Pooh, have you given up on your other blog? I check in once a week or so and keep seeing Joaquim Noah's grimacing face. (Shidder)

Pooh said...

Yeah, only sporadic SAWX blogging for me given that A) I have lots of work and relatedly B) have little interesting to say.