Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hold me back Jimmy!

I'm starting to like Jim Leyland more and more. Okay, didn't like the fact that his squad worked us last weekend. It was nice that the entire offense woke up on Saturday. Maybe I like the old, surly managers, maybe I want to have a smoke with Jim in the tunnel between innings, I don't know. The most recent reason is his take on Matsuzaka. When asked a question about the almighty Dice-K, he said "It's another pitcher. We're playing Boston. Obviously, he's an outstanding pitcher. He's a major league pitcher. And that's who we're facing." I agree.

I know as a manager, you've got to say those things. Can't let your players be shaken by fancy nicknames, shiny new uniforms or the hord of Japanese reports. But really, this guy isn't sliced bread. I'm sick of hearing about the gyro-ball (only works if you actually have a slider to set it up), how good Matsuzaka is, and how "imposing" he is. Come on SportsCenter, can't you lead with anything else when coming out of every break?

Has he been good? Sure. Has he been dominate. In a handful of the starts, I'd give it to you. But I'm not ready to call him an ace of a staff. That's why I agree with Leyland. This guy is just another pitcher. Like any other pitcher he can get beaten around (see starts 2, 4-6). Hey, one CG an all-star makes you not. Other guys with CG's this year include Cha Seung Baek, Paul Maholm (not to be confused with Pat Mahomes), Joe Blanton, and Matt Belisle. Major league pitchers should expect to pitch CG's. That's their job, stop the other team.

He's a good pitcher, but he's got lots of things to work on. Did I mention the 4.16 ERA or 12 BB in 3 games? I just want to know if he's really any better then Kelvim Escobar, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, John Maine, Rich Hill, Tom Gorzelanny or James Shields? Right now..no. In three years...maybe.

Trade: If the Twins are out of it come July, could we trade with the Blue Jays for Nathan? How about Nathan, Baker & Bartlett for Alex Rios and Aaron Hill.

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Smitty said...

Wait, that trade might really suck for the blue jays. Should have put Lohse in the deal. My bad. Please rip me apart on that.