Thursday, June 07, 2007

5'7", 5'9"...whatever it takes

Meet your newest (soon to be) Twin

Twins are hoping he'll provide a sparq


Tim said...

5'7" ,5'9" whatever it that a "Mr. Mom" reference? Well played, sir.

I am just going to let the three Summits I had tonight take over and try to feel ok about this whole thing.

I am not going to worry about how when I watched (yes, I did watch) the draft this afternoon and when it came time for our Twins to select this young man ESPN did not have a picture of him available for the audience. Sure, other teams' first rounders had pictures, stats, and even grainy highlight packages to show for their picks. When the Twins made their pick, we left ESPN producers scrambling for any information on the latest cornerstone addition to the franchise. I will tell myself that we are just that much ahead of the curve.

I leave it to the Quiet Genius and the scouting department that they know what they are doing. (Adam Johnson, Ryan Mills, Matt Moses)

Sure, I wanted to go to bed tonight dreaming of a 6'4" 220 pound hulking third baseman that would be added to our future today. But I will take what I can get, and apprearently what I can get is to be stuck on Mr. Revere's wild ride.

One if by land, two if by sea....lead us on Mr. Revere.

Kaiser said...

I'm trusting that the quiet genius is TRyan to pull off the greatest swap in history in the very near future, using Manny Fernandez as bait.

This is a prototype pick by the Twins. Speed and defense first, baby. And we'll teach them how to hit. (Oh wait...)

Hops said...

On one of the scouting reports it read...Power: He has no power to speak of.


I have no idea who's good and who's not in the world of amateur baseball. Bully to you, Mr. QGenius...I assume you'll keep us in wine and division titles for years to come. And, if not, this blog will grow bitter and probably gain in popularity by three fold.