Monday, June 11, 2007

Trade Proposal #1

I can't get the trade hype out of my head. So I've started brainstorming on what out beloved team could do. But instead of putting three or four hopefully rational proposals together, I think I'll start with one a day and see the reaction. Please note that Kyle Lohse will be involved in every trade because, well, why not.

I'm going to shot for the stars on this first one cause you need to. Plus I need to fantasize about the prospects of having this guy on our squad.

Twins trade to the Marlins: Garza, Duesing, Daniel Velencia and Kyle Lohse

Marlins trade to the Twins: Miguel Cabrera

Marlins would get two top pitching prospects and (in my limited research) a good 3B prospect from our organiziation. MC is at $7.4 million for this year and don't know for next year. But I think we've heard some Ensberg talk ($4.3 million) and Wigginton talk ($2.7 million) and I'd pay an extra $3-4 million for a top 10 player.

The only snag I see in this is the Marlins wanting a major league ready player. Maybe throw in Boof. Don't know, but I think this trade seems reasonable.


Kaiser said...

How good of a defender is he?

Smitty said...

Cabrera or Velencia. Honestly, not sure on either. I think Miggy is fine. Not a gold glover, but not Bartlet.

With those hitting stats under age 25 do you really care that much?

Hops said...

I'm in favor of any deal that brings Cabrera our way. But I don't think they're going to give up a player of that skill level for prospects...even top flight prospects. Any deal would have to involve the Namesake plus MLB pitching plus prospects.

How about Brad Wilkerson?

Hops said...

Ahh...that was a stupid comment. They're not going to want a player due for a big payday (Namesake).

Would they dare ask for The Jesus?

Kaiser said...

I wouldn't, but they would.

Smitty said...

Mauer isn't going. Way more marketable here plus they just signed him to a deal, a good Twins type deal.

Don't care for Wilkerson, I think there are better players out there.

I will disagree with giving all that up. The Marlins will be looking for talent. What if you throw in Cuddyer or Boof.

Your scenerio makes Miggy almost untradeable.

Hops said...

Yes, it does.

Hops said...

I've recently decided the only trade I want to see involves us trading anyone not named Johan for Dontrelle Willis...but only if we play him at DH.