Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gooooo Raiders!!

Notes from the desk of Ron Gardenhire, if he were a somewhat catty, fifteen year old girl doodling on her notebook in math class at Cretin Durham Hall High School.

I’d totally rather be pitching bp right now

Like, if I bat my DH ninth often enough…do you think that bitch Terry Ryan will finally get the hint? What if I just start letting my pitchers hit?

T-Rye and I used to be so close…but he’s going to have to choose; Me or Bartlett. There’s no in-between

Joey M better not think he’s going to get away with not calling me this weekend

Do you think Jo-Jo would bat 2nd for me when he comes back…would I have to go all the way with him first? OMG!

Would I look good with longer hair?

I really thought I was totally over Rondell…but I know if he calls, I’ll take him back

I wish Al Newman wasn’t still mad at me…but there’s NO WAY I’m calling him first.

Scott Ulger is such a tool

I wish Jim Leyland wouldn’t smoke so much…it’s so not hot.

I hope Lew knows I’m the only reason he’s even here…and he better not forget it.

Justin tried to talk about hockey with me yesterday. What-ever, dork. He’s so awkward.

Where IS Canada, anyway?

Oh look…big surprise. Johan’s raising his hand again. He always thinks he has the answer.


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Hops said...

I don't want to alarm anyone, but Nick Punto just hit a three run home run.