Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Deep freeze makes Hell less attractive", say flying pigs

Things we can expect to happen now that LNP and Bart have homered in the same game:

MLB finally will televise their draft, but will schedule it for a weekday afternoon when no one can see it. (Oh wait…)

Papelboner will give up a home-run to Slappy which will inspire a mini-run from the MFY’s and a panic attack by The Nation. (Oh wait…)

Gary Sheffield will manage to again piss off just about anyone with a pulse by saying something incredibly stupid . (Oh wait…)

The Twins will pull The Jesus off of the DL, bat him second, send Lew Fordwalker to Rochester, and start Johan on two days rest next Tuesday knowing that I’ll be at the game. (I can dream…)


Smitty said...

For those scoring at home:

Punto - 9 career HR
Lombardozi - 8 HR in 1987 (thank you Hops)

Did the squad have a drinking night on Tuesday after getting worked by Escobar? I'm just wondering what kind of slump buster they found Tuesday night that allowed them to beat Lackey and Punto to go yard?

Beer googles.

Hops said...

Sports Beer Goggles? Allows you to better see a slider?

I love it. (But it makes me wonder why I'm not a better hitter)

Smitty said...

Cause you are married? Duh. You don't need the beer goggles. Wait, maybe that means we should drink more during softball thus we could get a slump buster during the game.

Hopefully the beer goggles don't give them too much confidence and they go after somebody out of their league. I mean, Nationals in town. Don't need to be going after Halle Berry or anything.