Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm going to assume that most have heard of the newest addition to the Yankee lineup. I guess the Yankees were upset that they lost out on Ponson and turned to the next best option. I'm sure I shouldn't care about this and I'm sure it's just another way for the Yankees to stay "at the top" of the news ticker on ESPN, ESPN2 through ESPNU. But really? I know that our current culture is obsessed with everything Hollywood....what isn't Brittney wearing these days, how many noses does Michael Jackson keep in his wallet, who would win in a triple threat cage match: Jack Bauer, Tom Cruise or God. Heck, we even put more clout in the political opinions of celebrities over, well, politicians (this point is debatable depending on which politician is speaking of course. I take David Arquette over some). ET Tu When Harry Met Sally guy? Billy, that's why they have fantasy baseball camp. I like that a reporter actually had to ask Joe Girardi what position Billy was going to play and Joe had to answer! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for celebrities using their status to raise money for a foundation or a cause, but getting a chance to play with the Yankees as a birthday gift? And really Joe, has Billy Crystal done that much for the Yankee organization? Billy Crystal. Has helped the Yankees. Alot. Really. No, really. I guess I forgot how he helped saved the organization when it was in trouble. My bad. Hey Joe, check your local City Slickers DVD and tell me what New York team he is wearing in that movie. Whoops.

Side note - best thing about the ESPN article is they list other celebs that have played in spring training. Tom Selleck played with the Tigers, pinch hit for Rob Deer, and struck out. Funny, didn't realize Tom Selleck was a method actor. Nice work.


Kaiser said...

I think Chuck Norris could take God. But Gomez could take them all because of his ass-lightning.

More importantly, who would we want to play with the Twins for spring training next year? Garrison Keillor ? Sid Hartman (hope for bean ball)? Jodi Mienckfmizifmmatz?

Hops said...

I pick Prince...or at least Charlie Murphy

Smitty said...

I pick me, but I'm not a celeb. Jeff was on Fox 9 news for like 15 seconds, maybe he can be the second lefty pitcher out of the bullpen.