Friday, March 14, 2008


The Cardinals have reached a preliminary agreement with Kyle Lohse for one year and 4.25 million dollars.

An actual quote from the Cardinals GM:
"If it were a perfect world, we wouldn't have had to go down this path," Mozeliak said. "But it's not and we're going to need someone to pitch every fifth day."

That kind of support would DEFINITELY make me excited to start a new job. I'd like to imagine that when the Cardinals first called his agent, he asked for something like three years, 21 million...and the Cardinals hung-up.

In related news...I'm attending a Cardinals game in St. Louis on April 5th...and now dreading the possibility of having to watch Kyle Lohse pitch again.

At least this ALMOST makes us even for the Tom Herr debacle.


Kaiser said...

You KNOW he's going to be pitching that day. It WILL happen.

Hops said...

I want to start a pool (you know, gambling) for how many high fives I get for wearing my powder blue Tom Brunansky Cardinals jersey. I think the over-under is six.

(It's also very exciting for me being the only person on the planet who can honestly type that sentence)