Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Pit of Despair

In honor of Reusse's extreme pessimism today…I bring you the happy side of baseball: That players routinely get to put their hoohoodilly’s in some seriously nice cha-chas.

Clay Bucholz dating a penthouse pet, who has been approved by his father:
“It doesn’t surprsie me any,” said Clay’s dad. “Last year up in Boston he was dating a Victoria’s Secret model, so he’s moving up the ladder . . . . I mean, he’s got pretty good taste.”

In related news…Scott Spiezio has a tattoo of some hot action on his arm. Oh…and it’s his wife.

Keep hoping Casey Daigle makes the team...

C’mon Baby Jesus…time to get back on that horse. How about looking up this lovely lady the next time you’re in NYC…maybe Johizzy can get you her number?

Why Miguel Tejada really does steroids

Another reason to hate the Yankees

Why would Jose Lima ever close his eyes?

At least Nick Punto is good at something

And there’s always the whore from before

There must be plenty more…any favorites?


Kaiser said...

I shiver and shudder to think how much time you spent on this post. Mmmm...research.

Smitty said...

Very impressive and totally agree with Willy. Reason #325 why one of us should have been a baseball player.

I vote for Maria Shirapovia..just because.

Hops, find out what Moreneau's wife looks like.

Hops said...

I post about player's wives and you tell me you "vote" for Maria Sharipova? Did she marry a baseball player while I wasn't looking?

I'm forced to refer to you as Smitty Lew Ford for 10 days.

Kaiser said...

Yeah seriously Smitty Lew Ford. At least go with Jodi Mienck(Igiveup)itch.

Click on the Nick Punto is good at something link, and then look at the slide show of pics up top, you'll see a picture of Morneau's wife -- Krista Martin. He did well.

Hops said...

Who knew JC was eighteen years old?