Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home Stretch

By far the best thing NASCAR has given to pop culture is the term above, with the possible exception of Ricky Bobby (Shake and bake, baby. Shake and bake). But as the last landmarks of summer slip away, and I have once again begun to pore over Twins online print, it has just occurred to me that that's where we are. The home stretch. And I am officially praying to little tiny baby Jeebus, as we speak.

Of course no one would want to see what the Twinks are up to in The Trop yesterday, so I was loyally and diligently GameCasting myself into a tizzy over 1) the ascendance of Boof (good title for my first novel), 2) a baffling lack of recent Twins O(h crap another dp)ffense, and 3) 6 Flags of Rondell White (you've never been on a ride this frightening), I was reflecting on the Twins remaining games and once again starting to feel very, very optimistic.

It can't last.

Once the (once mighty?) Ligers are stared down and split with, and another home series with Oakland, there is a mighty nice little stretch of games before the Showdown with the Sox to finish the season. It goes like this: 4@CLE (given up), 3@BOS (imploding - sorry Pooh), 3@BAL (that guy can't hit three home runs in a game again, right?), 4vs.KC (is it good that this is the most worrisome series of this stretch? Here's hoping for an influx of minor league "talent" to the KC roster before this). Not too shabby.

I am chartreuse with optimism.

(it's like 'green with envy' silly)


Smitty said...

I love optimisim and I love this team. Really like the Nevin pick-up, the guy can hit and for power. I do think the Central title is within our grasp, although really just want to make the playoffs.

With that said, unless Liriano can come back and we can get something out of Radke, I'm nervous for the rest of the staff. We will need more consistant pitching and a non-over used bullpen if we do make the playoffs. Otherwise we aren't as scary as we were a month ago.

Welcome back Big Papi.

Kaiser said...

I'd say expecting anything from Radke for the rest of the season is a reach. I'm jumping on the bandwagon of whoever wins the Boof - Garza pitch-off the last 20-odd games. And expecting a slightly less slider-happy Liriano to come back in 7-10 days and continue to, if not dominate, excel.

MillerTime said...

With Liriano back, the Twins are mos def the scariest team in baseball considering him and Santana will pitch every 4 of 7 games in the playoffs. You don't know what you are going to get with Silva in any particular game...same with Garza, Radke, and Baker... but the offense should be able to pull out a few close ones.

By the way big bro, Talledaga Nights was horrible. Not even worth mentioning in any quote or conversation.

Kaiser said...

I'll bet you said that about Anchorman too. And are all a-twitter about the merging of the WB and UPN so all your favorite shows will be on one convenient channel. Sheesh...kids.