Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stage 1 Complete

This photo reprinted without permission from Star Tribune dot
com, so suck it lawyers.


Hops said...

Highlights from the highlights:

Torii Hunter, in the middle of a champagne soaked interview, stopping and saying "ewww...beer" to someone spraying him off camera.

Randy Shaver looking around for a player to grab in the locker room, and not recognizing Scott Baker. (to be fair, it took me a minute too)

The namesake CRUSHING his 30th home run. Long time coming, big guy.

Morneau back in the power saddle? (sounds like Canadian porn)

The denizens, friends, and lovers of TWT are planning on attending tonight's hangover-fueled festvities. Some might say one day late for celebrating...but I say right on time for a first place tie in the division!

Things I'd like to see tonight:

A Jason Tyner home run

A Josh Rabe sighting

A namesake grab over the wall

Joheezy striking out fifteen of the first seventeen.

I'm giddy.

Tim said...

Hey guys, good work on the blog.

I have always been a bit cynical when it came to these champagne doused celebrations. I always found them cliche and a bit silly. I was particularly concerned with celebrating a wild card birth in this manner. I thought that it was unneccessary and perhaps inappropriate.

But last night was different. I thought that last night's celebration had an organic quality to it. After the way this season has gone it would have been odd NOT to have broken out the Moets or Bud Light or whatever. (We were drinking Newcastle at our house) It was great and wonderful and exciting and damn I wish I had a thesaurus with me.

Keep up the good work.

Kaiser said...

Tim, thanks for the comment, and you make an excellent point. In fact, I throw the challenge out there....barring champagne, what is the most appropriate alcoholic beverage to be used in the celebration of this particular Twins team. You can be player specific too. For instance...I submit that the perfect drink to pour over Justin Morneau's head is Molson Export (which is neither made by Molson, nor sold outside of Canada, btw).

Game on.

Tim said...

I'll throw a few out there:

Mauer--Summit Extra Pale Ale of course

Torii-Dom Perignon (sp?)-after the way he is finishing the season, and the big option he has coming to him, he deserves nothing but the best

Radke-Heineken-sure you've been drinking it for years and maybe it's not your favorite beer anymore; it's not the flashiest beer or the best you've ever had but it is good, solid, and dependable.

Kaiser said...

Due to my recent discovery that Solera is the Best Beer Brewed in Venezuela, I officially do a virtual pour of it over Joheezy's head.

Kaiser said...

P.S. Via Pulling a Blyleven, we have a winner in the Best Nickname for Boof Bonser Competition....Bonser Herzegovina.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have to say this team should be doused with Miller High Life, you know, since it's the champagne of beers and all.

It just seems appropriate for a bunch of scrappy overachievers.

I have no idea who the dork was from KSTP in the lockerroom, but in the split second that I saw him he looked at once horrified, bewildered and annoyed. "Why is everyone so loud? What's going on here? You're getting my hair wet!"

Also, Summit Extra Pale Ale was the pre- during- and post- celebratory drink of choice in the Bacon Compound.

Smitty said...

Every playoff spot needs to be celebrated. Remember, they secured a playoff spot, not the wild card. Tigers are in our reach.

Agree, 162 games, 10 games back in June, 100% ass-kicking since deserves showers of alcohol. I'm going a different angle from the beer stuff:

Mauer: Amaretto - smooth, sweet but not too aggressive

Morneau - Canadian Wiskey, duh.

Nevin - PBR. He doesn't drink anything but.

Hunter - Goldschologer. Little tough at the beginning of the bottle, but very pretty at the bottom.

Stewart - Schmernoff Vodka. Loved it two years ago, but forgot it was in the back of the shelf behing everything else. Once you find it again, finish it and say thank you.

Ford - McDonald's orange drink.

Barlett - Pucker or Bud Light, he doesn't know any better.

Cuddyer - Jack: it's my favorite and I love Cuddy.

Santana - Pisco Sour. It's South American, very taste and doesn't seem strong. After two, your done.

Radke - anything he wants.

Hops said...

Ya'll left out Terry Ryan.

I'd fill that creepy milk jug in right field chock full of Chateauneuf du Pape , turn that sumbitch sideways, and dump it all over his glorious, Nathan stealing head.

Kaiser said...

Best. Comment. Thread. Ever.