Wednesday, September 06, 2006

*Warning* This Post May Cause Unintended and Irrational Positivity

The season is over for me. No, not really…but this phase is.

This hasn’t been a straight-forward season, and, for the purpose of my very survival, I’ve mentally divided the season into separate but incredibly unequal parts.

The first phase let’s call “Unbridled Optimism of the Spring”. This is when the team reports to Spring Training and all of last season’s problems have been burned off by the magic of a really Hot Stove. This phase is also felt by Kansas City Royal fans, rendering it meaningless.

This year, the second phase was titled “Yeah, My Team Sucks”. I’d rather not dwell on this phase.

Then…oh my god then, the Twins and I went way down yonder on the Chattahoochie. Not only did we learn how to swim…we learned who we was…we learned a lot about living…and a little ‘bout love. That’s right, right now I love this team, and their sudden ability to wake-up and piss excellence. And I very much want it to stay that way…so I’m ending this phase, “It Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Better…Could It?”

Everything from here on out, not even spider monkeys, can dampen the stone cold fox of a ride this team has taken me on.


Kaiser said...

Smitty claimed to be more pumped about the '08 season than anything else last night.

Hops said...

No, we have Phase 4...tentatively titled, "Wait...Now We Have To Play the Yankees In Round One?"

Kaiser said...

Unlike most players who take things One Game At A Time, Smitty is renowned for taking his fandom Four Phases Ahead At A Time. I think '08 Season optimism is like Phase 12 at this point, isn't it?