Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Will the Twins lose another game?

Answer: Yes, but only because, having already clinched a playoff spot, they will forfeit the last three games against the White Sox for fear that A.J. will “fall” into every hitter causing a rash of sprained ankles.

Is Jason Tyner the best DH in the game right now?

Answer: Yes, but only because David Ortiz, in an effort to garner MVP support, has decided to become the Red Sox new closer.

Who’s up after Torii Hunter?

Answer: The other team. (sorry Torii, I love that one)

How many slider’s will F-Bomb throw in his first start back?

Answer: One, and Gardy will pull him.

Will Justin Morneau win the MVP?

Answer: No, he’s Canadian. Not eligible


Hops said...

I've gone from so optimistc that i'm making jokes about completely dejected.

F-Bomb was taken out of the game in the third inning. Early indication is it's a problem with his elbow again.

Jess said...

I was on the verge of panic and tears for a bit, but remember, they've gone this far without him. Garza pitched GREAT in relief. If the baling twine and chewing gum holding Bradke's arm on don't fall apart, he could be back by the end of the season. Boof's pitching well and Silva's starting to not suck so much.

All is not lost.

Hops said...

No, all is not lost. I've been preaching that even with the injuries and Silvacrity we still have the best staff in baseball.

But I worry that our on-again off-again batting will lean TOO hard on that excellence.

Gotta find a rotation for the bottom of the order and stick with it. Is Phil Nevin still alive?

Kaiser said...

I think I saw his corpse in the dugout this afternoon. I hope he's running on the side so his muscles don't atrophy.

I've never gone from so high to so low in such a short amount of time (one pitch). I was running through ANY possible scenarios in which F-bomb's coming out of the game could have something to do with anything resembling a minor un-elbow-related injury. But I came up blank. Bummer.

Time for Baby Jesus and the Fightin' Canadian to hoist on their shoulders and drive this bandwagon straight into the the sunset...