Friday, September 29, 2006

The Love Affair Continues

I love going to the Chicago Tribune website and seeing a picture of Jim McMahon in a Cubs jersey. I love that no one cares about the White Sox in Chicago. I love that Gullien "believes" many people were happy not to see them succeed this year. Duh.

I love that the old face of the Twins started the game showing why we have loved him and the new face of the Twins shows why we are all crushing on him (Prior who?). I love that we have three players on the roster being mentioned for MVP candidates and the fact someone from a big market has be named.

I love the fact Rick Anderson said the Yankees have a terrible bullpen (a sports guy doesn't use cliche and people are surprised when he tells the truth) and ant' no one scared of that team. I love parity in baseball. Big contracts might give you more consistence on a year to year basis, but the excitement's not the same.

I love that OCB is still a sponsor at the Dome, but miss seeing the OCBee out there with the kids replaceing the bases then not wanting to go back and stand by him to wave. Let's bee honest, kind of a scary looking mascot.

I want to play the Yankees, I need to play the Yankees in the first round. There are reasons for playing them later, but let's be honest, if you want to make the World Series it goes through New York. Might go through New York twice this year for AL teams. The icing on the cake for the year would be a Central Divison crown, but this team makes me want more. I want that chocolate layer, that second tier cake to put on top of the icing. I need to play the Yankees and beat them.

Bring on the Yankees. Lew Ford and I got the McDonalds Orange drink, bring yo-self to the party.


Hops said...

The only thing that scares me about plaing the MFY's? Their Nos. 1-9 hitters.

Hops said...

Smitty, I've had two helmet sundaes this many have you had?

Pooh said...

The main thing that should scare you about the MFY's is whether you guys will even get their, now that JoNasty is now more vinceable than Vince Carter in the Dome.