Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't feel sorry for them, they have a nicer stadium

From Article 3, Subsection 2.4 of The Craig Monroe Doctrine

"AL Central dominance is not to be considered, under any circumstances, by the Kansas City Royals"


My favorite part of last night's THRILLING comeback victory over the (sigh) Kansas City Royals was actually not the part where President Monroe treated Joel Peralta like the declining Spanish Empire...although the resulting "whooping" was a fun way to wake up the rest of my house (wife and dog).

No, what I ended up remembering most today is the post-game interview between Dan Gladden and our new favorite pinch hitter.

Like many who enjoy the internets and have time to kill at work, I read Bill Simmons. It would seem I rarely think much of what he has to say, but I read everything he that's something. I really enjoy it when he exchanges emails (now podcasts...not as interesting) with writers such as Malcolm Gladwell and Chuck Klosterman...fellows who can move in and out of the sports world with a much greater sense of ease and self. Inevitably, those exchanges expose Mr. Simmons inferiority as a writer and thinker.

I mention this not to bash the Sports Guy. I look forward to the day when he leaves ESPN and gets back to being funny (aided greatly by the decline of the Red Sox and Patriots, I hope).

No I mention this because last night I listened to Craig Monroe speak eloquently about his big at-bat, his excitement over pre-game work playing out during the game, his difficulties adjusting to life as a part-time player, and his willingness to embrace the role. It was thorough and thoughtful. And it made the interviewer, Dan Gladden, sound like a mutt. Thankfully, Craig seemed to be responding to what Gladden should have been asking, and not what was actually coming out of his mouth. I think "Dazzle" may be a great guy to sit down with and have a beer, but his ability to elocute what's happening on the field has not developed much over the (three?) years he's been broadcasting. He still sinks his teeth into mundane topics for multiple innings, he still gets too excited during a big play to accurately describe what's going on, and he still forgets to structure his sentences with a beginning and an end...all at the expense of describing the play. I'm too young to say that I "miss" a more simplistic approach to broadcasting...but I'd welcome it.

Fun game. Let's have more of them.

(Delmon gets a day off today, right? C'mon, give the kid a seat on the bench and help him get his head straight)

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Kaiser said...

Poor, poor Delmon. The Jamaican laptop needs to be rebooted in the worst way right now...or perhaps a software upgrade?