Friday, May 09, 2008

Picture Pages-Chicago White Sox

Chicago 7 Twins 1
One of these guys has many hits. One of them is incapable of giving them up. Both are inexplicable. Joe Mauer manages only one lousy hit, but, when we grade on a curve, had a fantastic game.

Twins 13 Chicago 1
We may be biased toward center fielders at this site, but, in the words of the great Trent Tucker...If you do not love Carlos Gomez, than you do not love yourself. C-Button hits for the cycle. Bizarro Nick Punto has 5 R'sBI. And the Ensorceller continues his tour of the American League to great fanfare. Good on you, boys.
White Sox 6 Twins 2
Was anyone else feeling really good about this week, only to look up and realize that the Twins dropped 2 of 3 to the Sox? The C-Button hangover lingers...apparently. Buckle-up, Twins fans. It's going to be that kind of season.
Flood Watch...still High and Dry and in first place by one game over Chicago.


Kaiser said...

I heard Gavin Floyd is starring in the new Disney movie "The Ensorceller's Apprentice"....

Kaiser said...

Holy crap, it might actually be a baseball cataclysm that is coming...look what else happened this week:

Hops said...

These things always happen in threes...something else is coming.

Karleeee said...

Omg. Where is that rollercoaster.
I just pee'd a little seeing that.
I know, I know, TMI....whatevs.