Monday, May 19, 2008

Picture Pages--Colorado Rockies

In honor of the third/fourth place tie with the Kansas City Royals, today's Picture Pages will be entirely BBQ-based.

Twins 4 Colorado 2
For many people, BBQ begins and ends with ribs. They are "the usual". They offer security and safety and, generally, are a sure thing. Strong pitching performance, weak hitting, and the opposing team's star player is out with an injury. This was a BBQ rib game for the Twins.
Colorado 3 Twins 2

Ahh...the Corn Muffin. Capable of single-handedly complimenting a BBQ plate. Sure, there's slaw and beans and (dully) french fries. But none can quite hold their own the way a good Corn Muffin can. However, if the meat is dry and the rub too salty...the Corn Muffin doesn't matter. Livan ensorcells the hitters, fields his position, and sac bunts a run across. Twins lose. Livan, you are my Corn Muffin.
Colorado 6 Twins 2

The Combo Platter. A little bit of everything...usually including at least one thing you won't like. (For me, it's the BBQ chicken. I don't care if you grilled it on hickory smoke, and served it with your grandmother's special secret's still chicken). For the Twins, the Combo Platter represents how they've managed to be both old and slow, and young and inexperienced. Enjoy that!


Kaiser said...

I was disconnected this weekend, attending a sibling graduation in the middle of freaking nowhere (ie. our "hotel" also consisted of a Coffee Cabana and chinese restaurant where we had continental breakfast with soy sauce), but reading the recaps so far today has made me want to Devil's Spit.

Kaiser said...

P.S. Do we have any healthy and functional players anymore?

RK said...

"Livan, you are my corn muffin." That's gonna work its way into my lexicon, for reals. It'll be like when I call people "my plooba" and then shocked when they tell me that no, they didn't play Out Of This World in 1992 like I did.