Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Like Joe

One of the first times I've wholeheartedly agreed with extreme head-nodding to something Gleeman has said:

After collecting multiple hits in each of the past three games, Joe Mauer now leads the AL with a .336 batting average. He also ranks fourth in the league with a .406 on-base percentage and only Kurt Suzuki has logged more innings behind the plate. For all the silly, Dan Barreiro-style talk about Mauer not coming through in the clutch or not making a huge impact because of a lack of power, Mauer ranks third among AL hitters in Win Probability Added, trailing only and Manny RamirezJosh Hamilton.

Once you adjust for catcher being the worst-hitting position in baseball and throw in his considerable defensive value, a WPA-based analysis likely shows Mauer as the league's most valuable position player thus far. Some homers would certainly be nice, but anyone complaining
about a player hitting .330 and getting on base at a .400 clip while playing the most physically demanding, least-offensive position is merely doing a fine job showing how little they really know about baseball.

Sloppy Seconds
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Hops, apparently you don't know anything about baseball.
Gleeman's impeccable logic has left you comment-less.

Yes, it's true...I have, from time to time, been a bit demanding of Baby Jesus. But I don't believe I've voiced displeasure during his latest singles spree, have I? I do belive, and have been consistent on this, that he is hitting in the wrong spot in the order. His style seems better suited to a #1 or #2 hitter in the order. I am happy that the "his power will come" talk has died down. But if he continues to bat third, I expect more run production out of him. And, before someone shoves the on-base percentage of the Twins 8,9,1, and 2 hitter down my throat, occasionally that means creating runs with little or no help from the other guys dressed like you.

Don't hate the Jesus (or fuck with him), hate the Game. "Game" in this instance will be represented by Ron Gardenhire and his line-up sheet. Speaking of "his power will come", Delmon just hit into a double play ball with two on ... after The Ensorceller's +2 fire spells were apparently failing as he gave up 4 runs in the first to the 3rd level mage's from Texas. I think he should conjur +4 Legendary Liriano Slider in the second.

It doesn't help that he's the most boring human on the planet. Really. Anti-Mauer just drove in two runs...waking up John Gordon.

If C-Button is the most interesting player on the roster...who's the least? Delmon's got to be on that list, right?

I would say Delmon's a solid 1A, only possibly behind Mr. Lamb, who is way more out like one (lamb, that is) than in like a lion. Mr. March (backasswardsly).

Big day for C Button today, btw. And Morneau with a huge 2 RBI single to tie it at 7s. THAT's how a clean-up hitter up.

C Button did have a huge game. Can someone explain why Nathan can't go two innings, especially when it's their 1-2-3 guys so this year's MVP (Hamilton) doesn't hit a game winning, two out HR against use? Doesnt' Gardy look at Hamilton's stats everyday to see that he truely is the re-incarnation of Roy Hobbs?

I've hears Lamb on the radio a couple times and he's a pretty funny dude. Definately would vote for Delmon as the most boring Twin. Not sure if you saw the Telly/Delmon interview around the beginning of the season. Seemed fake or scripted it was so bad. Couldn't pull myself away from the car wreck.

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crystal said...

If we're going to lose in the 10th inning on a homerun, the least of all possible evils is Josh Hamilton. I admit it, I'm a sucker for the guy.

North Carolina roots, drugs, tattoos...I'm all in. (Wait, I just described my ex-boyfriend. Maybe I should re-think that.)