Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picture Pages-Chicago White Sox

Twins 3 White Sox 1
How cute...the Twins and White Sox are playing Pennant Race. Another addition to the Boof Bonser Corollary: Fat+Twingo=Riblets. 2/3 of TWT (plus friends with benefits) were in attendance to see Boof battle and Kubel crush. Played Twingo for the first time in my life...and maybe the last. Someone out there run the math on the likelihood of scoring a play 1-2. C'mon, Tom a brother out

Twins 4 White Sox 3

Question: What would the Twins do if Canada went on strike?
Answer: Lose baseball games.
Spree may not play well in the daytime...but Justin Morneau and Carlos Gomez do. And, as a special treat, C-Button and his game changing abilities are turning Gardy into Lou Brown. Love. It.


Hops said...

I couldn't find "Nice catch Hayes, don't ever fucking do it again" anywhere on the interwebs. I feel Amish.

Kaiser said...

TWINGO is indeed evil. Almost as evil as fantasy sports. I've never been more angry at a (Canadian) first baseman for starting a double play and not getting back to the bag to complete it. Who knew 3-6-3 could be VASTLY superior to 3-6-1?

Hops said...


Brad said...

Your baseball dialect has finally exceeded my level of comprehension.

If basketball were never invented; would Lebron be a baseball or football player?

Hops said...

Football. He's huge and from Ohio.