Thursday, May 15, 2008

Picture Pages - Toronto Blue Jays

Twins 3, Jays 5 ....Matt Stairs kills the Twins AGAIN just after Scott Rolen tuckers out our toddling little Brad-Radke-in-training Kevin Slowey with a 15 pitch at bat in the 6th. Actually, Slowey pitched okay but the Twins decided they had scored way too many runs against the Red Sox the prior 4 games and decided to take it down a bit so as not to raise suspicion and expectations. In the business, we call it a "let down".

Twins 5, Canucks (minus Morneau -- he's OURS) 3 ....Matt Stairs kills the Twins AGAIN, but this time gets it out of the way early (more bad salami). Jesse Crain continues to have control problems, this time by hitting a (wide open, mind you) Ron Gardenhire in the dugout. Gardy does his best TK impression by characterizing the play as "not good" during post-game interviews, all in a very deadpan TK Way...and probably swearing a lot (which is also a TK Way thing). Did you blink while the Twinks were in first place?

Twins 2, BJs (hee hee) 3 ....Matt Stairs not allowed to play until the 10th, thereby giving the Twins a slim chance of victory (thanks BJs manager! I didn't catch your name). Unfortunately, Twins leave 11 runners on base and Twins fans call for the instatement of ghost runners so that the situation isn't so mentally taxing and we can pretend like they're not there. Twins regulars send a "We're Sorry" card from Target to Glen Perkins.

Also, a tidbit. I saw this in one of the box scores from the series (click to enlarge -- see arrows).

I guess I didn't realize that this was legal in major league baseball (WARNING: Cheap shots ahead!!) Tell me again why we need to bring in Brendan Harris to strike out for Mike Lamb, and Craig Monroe to fly out for Alexi Casilla? They're big leaguers now! They can do it themselves!

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