Friday, June 06, 2008

Picture Pages-Baltimore Orioles (not really)

What. A. Boring. Series. Losing two of three at home to B-more is unworthy of a Picture Pages recap (and i was READY to put together an amazing, Wire-themed version). See if you can find the common thread;
Baltimore 5 Twins 3
Twins leave 7 runners on base...lose

Twins 7 Baltimore 5
Twins leave 3 runners on

Baltimore 3 Twins 2
Twins leave 9 runners on base...lose

Picture Pages-Twins First Round Draft Picks

1: (14th overall)
Aaron Hicks

A 5 tool prospect out of Los Angeles. Actual Los Angeles, I think. Not Los Angeles of Anaheim, or Los Angeles of the Crystal Skull. A pitcher/outfielder in High School, the Twins plan on (apparently) lancing off the boil that is pitching and have young master Hicks concentrate on taking over for Michael Cuddyer in 2012. Sports Illustrated loved him before the rest of you...way back in 2007. Possible TWT nickname....The Hammer. Watch incredibly pointless scouting video here.

2: (27th overall)
Carlos Gutierrez

The closer for The U baseball team in 2008...he missed 2007 due to Tommy John surgery. So, he's gotten that out of the way. According to his bio, he didn't start playing organized baseball until his senior year of High School. The internets claim that the Twins drafted this guy way too high. I say "phooey". As we've learned in MN, if you get a chance to bring in an athlete from the University of do it. Possible TWT nickname...The Secretary. Watch incredibly pointless scouting video here.

3: (31st overall)

Steven "Shooter" Hunt

His bio was way too long for me to actually, you do it. I did catch that his father, Mickey (it's really Mike, isn't it?), named him after Dennis Hopper's character in Hoosiers. For those that don't remember the movie, Dennis Hopper's character is the town drunk. Thanks, Dad! (Fine...he redeems himself in the end. Blah, blah, blah) His brothers are named T.J. (after Rick Schroeder's character in The Champ) and K.C. (after Holly Robinson-Peete's character in Howard The Duck). Possible TWT nickname...Ollie. Watch incredibly pointless scouting video here.


Kaiser said...

I LOVE that we are now drafting guys who have already HAD Tommy John! That is BRILLIANT! Get it out of the way early! Why am I using so many exclamation points?!

(this comment may or may not be sarcastic -- haven't decided yet)

Hops said...

No "Hoosiers" excitement from you?

Hops said...

Subject change...see the Red Sox/Rays brawl?

Someone explain to me why MLB doesn't institute a rule like the NBA has where it's an automatic suspension if a player leaves the dugout? Oh, right...Bud Selig.

These brawls are so pointless and could be easily prevented.

Kaiser said...

Oh yeah, I love that. Kind of rains on my parade though...I was going to name my first two kids Jimmy and Chipwood (regardless of gender).

Hops said...


Kaiser said...

You heard me.

I'm bored of baseball brawls. It's like this stupid ego-driven keep my rep on Sportscenter thing now. Suck.

Hops said...

I don't pay attention to Sports Center, but it seems to me that by preventing anyone but the manager (and coaches?) from coming out of the dugout during a'd be over pretty quick. Perhaps a more punitive suspension would do the trick, as well.

Chitwood, right?

Hops said...

Kaiser said...

Ah, Chitwood, yes. You are correct sir. Chip for short.

Kaiser said...

Didn't Big Papisan particpate in the fight? I didn't see him. Can you fight when you're on the DL or does it depend on the injury?

Hops said...

I assume he was in the clubhouse eating a sandwich and drinking a beer. That's where I'd be.

Kaiser said...

I like people getting upset about the Twins draft picks and arguing about guys who are "a reach". Like the science of baseball drafting is such a no-brainer. Honestly, don't you people have more to do?