Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Streak is Dead...Long Live the Streak

Man. It's been a long time since I stand up and shouted. Who was that twitchy fellow came in the at the end of the game last night....?

It does feel good to end the losing streak, which while only 6 games long, felt like it was "royally" long and when you consider how many runs the White Sox put up against us, it half-way was. I have to agree with Howard though, we may have just been beaten a team doing it's best Twins impression right now. Win tonight (oh god...Livan) and win the interleague series this weekend (mmm...lite beer and bratwurst), and I'll be right back at status quo, golf clapping my way along with the every-other-night-success of this .500 baseball team.

On a positive note, I think I am starting to come around on Alexi Casilla. Enough so that I'm suspending the nickname for the time being. He looks real comfortable and confident out there now...hitting .300 and playing solid D will do that for a guy. Plus, I think having someone like C Button out there with him is REALLY a good synergy...they seem to feed off each other. I would love to get them "Mic'd UP!" for some random day game sometime, or at the very least, someone should give them their own reality TV show where they live together Mauer and Morneau like. In fact, let's just put them all in a house and call it Big Brother 17: Twins Edition. That's a lot of Jimmy Johns.

Also on the positive list: Jason Kubel (check out the Last 7 and June splits) and Jesse Crain's "returns to form". Good work boys.

Now excuse me while I obsess about the U.S. Open...

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