Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Picture Pages-Chicago White Sox

When I was fifteen, I had a summer job labeling files in the basement office of a temp agency. My mother worked upstairs as the office manager, and, because I was a family member, I was allowed to work forty hours a week. In the basement. For the summer. Labeling files.

It was exactly as thrilling as it sounds.

Other than the Spicy Bird sandwich I purchased nearly every day from the nearby deli, my strongest memory was of listening to the classic rock station, KQRS. Looking back, I assume it was the only station everyone could agree on (there were five of us of varying ages), and so we listened to it all day. Every day.

And what I really remember is listening to the same songs over and over again. I started to wonder why they even needed d.j.’s. C.C.R., B.T.O., Skynyrd, and whoever sings that song that goes “…While the rest of them dudes wasn’t getin’ their kicks, boy I beg your pardon I was getin’ mine!”

It wasn’t that the songs were terrible (some of them were), but you could pretty much set your watch by what songs were being played. Filing. Slow Ride. Monotony.

I was reminded of this on Sunday night when I turned on the radio at home and while tuning down to 89.3 (I’m in my thirties, I’m required to listen to The Current. I also wear funny, nostalgic tee-shirts that have little personal meaning) I came across “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” on KQRS. Huh. I haven’t listened to KQ for awhile…let’s leave it and see what we get. Can you guess the next three songs? I bet you’d be close. Take a minute.

“Peaceful, Easy Feeling” The Eagles
“That Smell” Lynyrd Skynyrd
“I’m Your Captain” Grand Funk Railroad

I’m willing to bet you got two of three. At least the bands, if not the songs.

It was a decent set, I don't have any problems those songs. But if I listened every day for the next month, I bet I’d hear those songs A LOT. So much, I might be tempted to file something.

I don’t mean to bash KQ. I assume most radio stations have a pretty stale playlist. Even my beloved 89.3 gets stuck in its own rut sometimes. (Note to The Current…I get it, Steve Earle’s son has a new song. It’s good and it’s about his relationship with his dad. No really, I get it)

Unfortunately for me, this sonic monotony was not limited to the FM dial this weekend. I didn’t dedicate much time to listening to the Twins, but every time I tuned in, the White Sox had forty seven runs and the Twins had one. Thanks to the Twins pitching staff, I got A LOT done around the house this weekend.

White Sox 10 Twins 6

White Sox 11 Twins 2


White Sox 12 Twins 2


White Sox 7 Twins 5


crystal said...

i think your macgruff/safety camp t-shirt is offended that it has little personal meaning.

Hops said...

Well...I don't ACTUALLY wear those tee-shirts. But I feel like I should take responsibility for those that do. Talkin' 'bout my generation.

Kaiser said...

My Thundercats t-shirt is giving you a metaphorical finger right now...

Kaiser said...

And I'm giving a REAL one to the White Sox right now...or maybe the Twins pitching staff. Or both.

Hops said...

The pitching staff made it ugly...but let's not pretend like the lumber was out in force, either.

crystal said...

note to self: never wear my "north carolina: we like it on top" t-shirt in front of chris.

i'm more than happy to pass some blame on to the bats for last weekend's slaughter. good lord, it was ugly.

Hops said...

speaking of tee-shirts, we need to move forward with the "I _ Morneau" shirts.

Hops said...

hipster tee-shirt generator

Hops said...