Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Picture Pages-New York Yankees

Yankees 6 Twins 5
Hey! The Yankees are in town! That means fans have traveled from as far away as North Dakota for these games. Did we hand out pamphlets at the border explaining that Camp Snoopy is now Nickelodeon Universe? Don't panic, tourists...Dora is just a bilingual version of Lucy.
Oh...the Twins lost. Glen Perkins was handed an early lead, but couldn't hold on. Blamed the umpire and the bucket of green slime that fell on his head every time he said "i don't know".
Yankees 7 Twins 6 (12 innings)
Twins hampered by Yankees calling "No Ghosties"...manage to leave the entire population of Delano on base. Karma hates Mike Lamb, stops his "game winning" home run in the 10th. Lamb vows to stop kicking puppies
Twins 5 Yankees 1

Nick Blackburn puts his nose (and lips) in Bobby Abreu's bidness...pays price. No broken bones, no concussion...vows to make his next start. Fine...but rememeber, only eight lives left. Cuddyer continues to heat-up...finally.

Twins 6 Yankees 5
Finally...stuff happens! No offense to Nick Blackburn's face but the first three games were competitive, but dull. Not this game. Witness:
  • The Jesus shaves (first timer?)...and hits his first home run of the season.
  • Delmon Young gets three hits...receives multiple bases EACH TIME.
  • Cuddyer continues his mini-streak...confounds Mr. Burns with his sideburns.
  • Ron Gardenhire pinch hits for his DH...with NICK PUNTO...to BUNT...and it WORKS.

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