Monday, June 16, 2008

Picture Pages-Milwaukee Brewers


Twins 10 Brewers 2

Free Kevin Slowey! Who needs the DH? Slowey pitches 8 whole innings and Helps His Cause with a two-run single (also had a double earlier in the game). More importantly, do the players look forward to the postgame spread in Milwaukee as much as they should? It has to be brats and PBR, right? Do you think the chopped onions are fresh? Mmm...magical animals.


Twins 9 Brewers 4

Joe Nathan gives up a game tying home run in the bottom of the 9th inning. Hey...we all have bad days. Maybe he missed Juan Rincon? (Oh yeah, the Twins cut Juan Rincon. Sorry) Stuff happens in extra innings, and the Twins win anyway


Brewers 4 Twins 2

Is there a more talented, athletic, dominating sports superstar in HISTORY who is as incapable of giving a smooth high-five than Tiger Woods? It's ridiculous. Has anyone ever met him? Is he incredibly awkward in every way that doesn't involve golf? It's silly, really. You'd think he'd be so used to ripping the hearts out of every other golfer that it would be no problem to saunter casually over to The New Zealand Guy That Carries His Bag and slap him some skin. My one year old nephew gives better Five than the greatest golfer in the world. That's funny.

The only thing I could think of that's comparably awkward in the Twins' world, is the look on Mike Redmond's face when Gardy has him bat third. "Really? You want ME to bat third? I mean...i think Rubix Kubel is probably your best choice here, skip. I'm just honored to be playing at all, really."


Hops said...

I REALLY love The Hebrew Hammer.

It's bordering on unhealthy

Kaiser said...

Mike Redmond (continuing):
"You know Skip, that I am only capable of slapping slow-rolling singles between first and second, which is not typically what you want your 3-hitter to do....oh wait, that's right."