Friday, April 11, 2008

Picture Pages - Chicago White Sox

Twins 4, S[u]x 7... Neshek finally gives up a run...well actually 4 simultaneously... causing no one in the blogosphere to declare the Joe Nathan signing a brilliant move (because criticism is easier and more satisfying ego-wise).

Bad Salami

Well deserved day off because weak-ass Chicago fans are scared of "bad weather". Pussies.

Catching is hard
Twins 12, White Ho's 5... The Rubik's Kubel is solved, although he can't be given credit for it because he did it in a non-clutch situation in a blow-out game and insurance runs don't count for anything even though it will show up in his slugging and OPS numbers later and stat-heads will all quote it anyway. Will the 12-run dyanamation (new word combining boomgoesthedynamite and explosion) be a prelude or a statistical abberation (ie. the success of Paris Hilton's "career")?

Good salami

Ppd, rain delay... curse you baseball gods! You get me lubed up (in a metrosexual moisturizing way) with an offensive explosion and now I have to WAIT for baseball!! Almost enough to make me renounce my sports-paganism (JK, golf gods -- how bout getting rid of this snow!?).

Thank you google image search gods

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Hops said...

What a boring week of baseball. Tuesday off-days...rain delays...and the one game worth watching was on the same night they were playing frozen baseball over in St. Paul.