Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture Pages-Cleveland Indians

Cleveland 4 Twins 0
Both pitchers cheat and throw with the wrong hand. Twins hitters protest, take the day off.

Twins 3 Cleveland 0
Justin Morneau hits the ball over the one swing! Nick Blackburn and his backing band turn four double-plays...learn what most already know; two is ALWAYS better than one.

Twins 2 Cleveland 1
C-Button saves game with diving catch, but lands on his wang. Mrs. Mauer says he seemed fine after the game. Justin Morneau kicks the game winner in the 10th...teams tie on total goals for the series.


Kaiser said...

Two for three-diddly-ee weekend!

Hops said...

Paging Delmon Young...Mr. Young you and your potential as a major league batter are wanted at the fucking dish sometime soon.