Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Johan Who?

Santana, you idiots. 7IP, 8K’s…we’re going to go ahead and call that The Usual. Goodness gracious, who needs that every five days? (Damn it.)

But…our new favorite player managed to start the season like hot hot electricity was coming out of his heinie…and that makes this morning just a little bit better than all the other mornings since Johizzy was sent to the land of hookers and blow.

Official New Nickname Announcment:

We love Howard Sinker. We really do. And his take on Joe Mauer seems delightfully similar (and more G-rated) to ours:

joe-the-local-hero@babyj.org sent this to his cyberdiary: Dear Diary, I really like having Gogomez bat leadoff. If he’s on second base and I hit a grounder to second, guess what? He goes to third base. That happened twice tonight. Last year, whoever was batting ahead of me would probably still be on first base and those grounders probably would have been double plays. And one time, when Gogomez was on second, I smacked a single to center and he scored. I’m tied for the team lead in RBI right now Cool, huh?

But we’re officially killing the nickname Go-Go on this site, and replacing it with…C-Button. (Props to Smitty)

Did you see him beat out the bunt? Did you see him steal second base on a pitch-out? The only way those two plays happen (plus nearly over-running a ball in the gap) was if Gardy was holding down the C-Button.
Big ups to the new guys (except for Brendan Harris, who I've somewhat arbitrarily decided to hate) and congrats to Smitty for standing in line for three full innings in order to get the holy grail of all Metrodome food; The Chicago Dog.


Kaiser said...

It was a little disappointing that none of my predictions for C Button came true yesterday, although it was quite amusing to see him overrun two balls in the outfield. He's clearly too fast and that will be a liability down the road.

Hops said...

Pining for Lew Ford?

Smitty said...

I just love the fact that the new guys had to take fielding practice after the game. I get that feeling from about six years ago when I was a first time season ticket holder watching a then young squad. Get To Know Them Re-visited.

I think I missed too much for that dog; but it provided some good in-game banter.

Kaiser said...

Well, I've never seen Lew Ford over run a ball in the outfield...have you? Box.

Kaiser said...

Off topic: Can we get Dairy Queen to buy the naming rights to the new Twins Stadium so we can call it "Blizzard Park"? I think that would have clearly been appropriate for last night...

RK said...

But you know what sucked about the genesis? If you wanted to play Super Street Fighter Two: Turbo: The New Challengers: Special Edition Hyperfighting, you had to get the damn 6-button. Ain't nobody hitting start to do a Hurricane Kick.

But as a nickname for Gomez... that's good stuff.

:: We're hoping that by bracketing the nzal and merely writing Go[m]ez we can avoid having Mel Blanc roll over in his grave. But we'll see how this develops!

God I love baseball

sometallskinnykid said...

Well, unfortunately the twinkies have a game lead over my Tigers.

The good news is Cabrera is on pace for 162 homers. That should be a record. What a sweet deal!


Kaiser said...

RK, my bad. I wasn't aware of the grammatical implications of the bracket. Well done. I fear we're both late to the party, as Sinker's GoGo seems to have caught the imagination of Twins Nation already.

Tim, they have access to baseball coverage (ie. internets) in grizzly bear and fly fishing country?