Monday, April 28, 2008

Picture Pages-Texas Rangers

In honor of the stars at night being big and bright (you know you just clapped), it’s a special, homespun wisdom version of Picture Pages:

Friday: “You won’t learn that any further up the creek”
Texas 6 Twins 5

Twins reminded that the only time you should ever completely rely on Canadians is if you’ve entered a pairs figure skating competition. C-Button, with his speed, hits the ball on the ground and legs out two bunt hits…tries it from the red tees for a third time, but hurts himself, as Man-Karma finally catches up with him. But it can only get better from here, right? I mean…it’s the Rangers

Saturday: “Give him time and he’ll come to his milk”

Twins wait out Ace…split doubleheader.

Game 1
Sidney Ponsons 6 Twins 1

Game 2
Twins 11 Non-Aruban Pitchers 0 know how crappy you feel about your team this morning? Well, imagine if they'd lost THIS game.
Hey A-Rod, come play for MN…we value all 3-run home runs, no matter when you hit them! (See Cuddyer, Michael)

Sunday: You’re so ugly, you’d make a freight train take a dirt road.
Texas 11 Twins 0

I can't decide which number is more disturbing...but I'm pretty sure it's the 0.


Kaiser said...

No whammy, no whammy, no whammmyyyy......STOP! Wah wah's Delmon Young.
(sad face)
(escorted off show)

Hops said...

They didn't kick you off Press Your Luck, did they? Voting people off the island was to come later.

BTW...I used to love Card Sharks.

Kaiser said...

Never saw that one and yes, you are correct, they didn't kick people off PYL -- you just lost all your bank. But what happened if you got three whammys? Didn't they boot you? Maybe I secretly and subconciously meant "the show" to be "the Twins bandwagon".

Hops said...

We'll have to YouTube this to be sure...but you're right, there was an amount of whammy's you could receive before it became truly punitive. I'm going to guess they lowered the house lights around you...made you sit in the dark and think about what you'd done.

Hops said...

Couldn't find anything about losing...but that show was INTENSE.

Check out The Spin Battle:

And the Legend:

Kaiser said...

Hot damn I love that show. How has no one brought it back? Whoops, I just sounded like Simmons there...sorry.