Monday, April 07, 2008

Picture Pages-Kansas City Royals

Game 1, Friday
Twins4 Royals3...Twins win on a squeeze bunt, but lose Cuddy for two weeks while he attends David Blaine's Magic Camp.
Game 2
Twins6 Royals4
Hey...Justin Morneau plays his first game of the year.

Game 3
Royals3 Twins1
Twins crap the bed.


Hops said...

Is it just me being Captain Negative, or does Gardy not hold the batters nearly as accountable for wins/losses as he does the pitchers?

Kaiser said...

Oh Captain my Captain,
It's not the batters' fault so much as the opposing pitchers are just good. It's Roenick...HE'S good.

Hops said...

I've already had more than enough of, "boy, the other guy pitched his tail off today".

Fun Fact of the day...did you know Baby Jesus was the #1 pick in the ENTIRE baseball draft in 2001?

Kaiser said...

Whatever. You found that "fact" on Wikipedia.

I was, of course, doing my best Gardy impersonation with that previous comment on tail-off pitching keeping us down.