Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Sure, for most Twins fans, last night's game might have been a bit of a course correction for expectations. We got caught under listening to the sweet swinging harmonies of the Manaheim Steamrollers. However, for me during pre-game intros I was hit by a lightning bolt - no, not from C Button's posterior - the inspiration kind....Bill Smith and Ron Gardenhire are geniusi (or whatever the plural of genius is). Consider these pseudo-facts sports fans:

1. Joe Mauer ALWAYS hits the ball to the second baseman with watchmaker-like precision. Even when he doesn't mean to. This is THE thing he does best.
2. Carlos Gomez ("C Button") may be the fastest player in baseball. He's stolen seventeen bases in two games.
3. When players in baseball attempt to steal second base, the second baseman is forced to cover second base, thereby leaving a momentary gap leading to right field.
4. Joe Mauer hits second behind Carlos Gomez

Go forth and preach my brothers!


Hops said...

Gardy's comments in the Strib today:

"Joe's job is to hit the ball hard," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said before Tuesday's 9-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. "It's not just to get him over. It's to get him over and get him in."

Hops said...

And Baby Jesus' response:

One thing the coaches told me is, 'If [Gomez] gets out there on second, try to drive him in. Don't give up an at-bat just trying to get him over,' " Mauer said. "When you get 1-2, or 0-2, you try to put the ball in play to do the job. But when you get 2-0, you're not going to try to roll over just to hit the ball to second."