Friday, April 18, 2008

Picture Pages - Tampa Bay Rays (no devils here you freaking heathens)

Twins 6, Tampa 5 ...Carl Crawford commits one of the classic blunders -- no, not starting a land war in Asia -- laying out full to catch a clearly foul ball and thereby allowing the winning run to tag in the eighth inning. At least he has no history of doing idiotic things at the Dome to lose games for his team, because otherwise this would be borderline unacceptable. Somewhere a manager is spiking Carl's goblet with iocaine powder.

Sesame Street style -- one of these pictures is not like the other...

(Hint: one of these is NOT a classic blunder)

Twins 3, Rays 7 ... The Boof Bonser Corrollary: part 2 -- fat + hot = melty

An actual quote from Boof: "I made my pitches," said Bonser, who allowed three hits in six innings last Saturday in Kansas City. "I had some balls up the middle, some that went by the infield and I just didn't get them to really hit it at anybody." Yes, we're aware of WHY you are a bad pither. The first step is recognizing you have a problem.

A few bonus points:
*If you haven't already, please, please, PLEASE check out the excellent special guest post from Crystal
*Eric Hinske is scary looking. Seriously, when I look at his face the first thing that comes to mind is "bar brawl". I think he could take Patrick Swayze.
*Denard Span botching the first ball-in-play of the game was quite a fitting omen for the game last night, as well as his start in the field the past week or so. I won't even make any can't-handle-the-bright0-lights-of-the-bigs/heir-apparent-to-Torii jokes (he lost it in the lights).
*The Jamaican Laptop ("That's a Dell, mon") continues to be the most "meh" player on this team. DO SOMETHING!! ANYTHING! Even if it's glaringly embarrassing. I'd prefer that at this point.
*Brian Bass.... (shaking head)

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