Monday, April 14, 2008

Picture Pages-Kansas City Royals (powder blue)

Twins 5 Kansas City 0
Livan...strong and cheap! We haven't seen a start like this since...
Twins 2 Kansas City 0
The Boof Bonser Corollary: Cold+Fat=Victory.

Kansas City 5 Twins 1 (barely)
The Twins screwed by the Mets for the second time this year.


Kaiser said...

Livan weighs like 3 Ramons (the latin metric system of measurement). That's got to count for something. Ramon threw 55mph accidentally, whereas Livan does it on purpose. He's wiley coyote.

Hops said...

Where as Boof is Foghorn Leghorn?

Kaiser said...

I think that's Pat Williams from the Vikings, actually. Maybe Boof is Bluto...

sometallskinnykid said...

Big series this weekend. I finally glad that baseball has started.

What? Baseball started back in March, you say.

Not in Detroit I say.

Go Tigers!