Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dropping Bombs

I will start this post by saying I didn't actually see the game, just hi-lights. Or Yankee batting practice, whatever works for you. This year's "feel good story" for our beloved club got rocked last night by the Yankee All-star lineup. When I saw the score at a friendly neighborhood Applebee's last night, I really wasn't that shook up. Maybe I expected Sid to get rocked, but I think it's really a couple things that went through my head:

1. I don't expect my 5th starter to beat the Yankees. Yes, I want him to do better but truly what should we expect out of the 5 spot. 10 wins? 12 wins? 15 wins would be amazing. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. It's more disturbing that a sinker ball pitcher gave up two homers and two doubles.
2. We got the back up plan sitting in Rochester waiting for his (their) chance at the big leagues. I'm fine with giving Sid 3 or 4 starts to see what he's got cause we got three guys in Rochester that could fill in. For the record it's Garza, Perkins and Slowey. Not Baker, don't see him as a starter for our squad.
3. I'm really more disappointed in the hitting and fielding. Specifically from our shortstop. I'm going to disagree slightly with Hops and say that in order for Mauer to get RBI's he needs two things: runners on base (see Punto and Bartlett batting averages), but does need to hit better with guys on. I'm not about to bash the batting champ (yet), especially when he's hitting about .350 for the young season. More disappointed with the Kubel error and Bartlett having 3 errors this year. I want to see that improve at a quicker pace cause I think (hope) the bats will come around. I do agree with Hops, Joe needs to be around the 100 RBI spot.
Namesake watch - How much do I love Torii? 2-3 last night, going to wear 42 in memory of Jackie and was on KFAN with Barreiro saying he's going to have a great year this year. I love this guy and definetely think he's worth the option.

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Hops said...

Punto's gotta be moved to 8 or 9...and bump everyone up a spot. I would like Baby Jesus a lot more as a #2 hitter.