Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Things you, a Twins fan, are allowed to be frustrated about today:

Scoring 2 runs at home
Your batting champ having no R’sBI through six games
Jeff Cirillo going on the DL
The extreme lack of power from this line-up
Jason Kubel’s fielding
Ticket pricing for the Yankees' series
Michael Cuddyer’s ongoing tribute to Lew Ford
Carl Pavano’s “brilliance”

Things you, a Twins fan, cannot be frustrated about today:

Sidney Ponson
Pitching in general
The return of the Josh Rabe era
½ price Tuesday and Dollar Dog Wednesday
The Dome


Hops said...

Just to clarify...the Red Sox now have JC Romero and JD Durbin on their major league roster.


Kaiser said...

I will avoid the obvious Ponson joke at this point. Especially because I'm not allowed to be frustrated by him.

Smitty said...

Didn't realize you were a Rabe guy. I'm not disappointed in lack of power, just lack of hitting. Let me clarify, lack of extra base hits not including HRs.

Pooh said...

Dear Twins pitchers,

Stop serving BP to Slappy.

That is all.


WV said...

You know, I read about this special ticket pricing over on Nick and Nick's blog too. WTF? Are they going to GIVE money to people to see the Royals then?