Monday, April 23, 2007


This season is going EXACTLY like we thought...

TWT knew the Twins would be in first place at this point in the season.

TWT knew that Ramon Ortiz would be one lousy loss to the Royals away from a perfect start.

TWT knew that the Twins would have depth trouble…we even predicted Rondell White would injure himself skipping. (to be fair…we predicted it would be during a jubilant reaction to Zach Johnson’s win at the Master’s)

TWT knew that Jason Bartlett would struggle, but that due to his proper use of “I GOT IT”, Ron Gardenhire would stick with him through tough times.

TWT knew that Sidney Ponson would be the Twins best pitcher…if “best” was measured in liquid ounces of sweat.

TWT knew that Justin Morneau was still Canadian, and therefore unable to do anything BUT hit the ball hard in every direction.

TWT knew that after a brief, slow start…The Jesus would not only start hitting for extra bases, but would drive in runs as well. (RBI total to date: 9)

TWT knew that Jason Kubel would be used only against RHP’s…during day games…when it might rain.

TWT knew that Lew Ford's new role as baserunning coach would REALLY pay off. Thanks Lew!

TWT knew that the worst pitcher in the bullpen would be…Joe Nathan? No shit? We knew that? Okay…whatever.

TWT…bringing you all the hindsight clairvoyance you can handle


Kaiser said...

I'm not liking this "Well, we're better off then we were last year at this time" mentality right now. Who's with me?

Hops said...

Did you say "fuck the Red Sox"? I thought so.

Hops said...

Did anyone ask Gardy about DeLaRosa? Did we run into a buzzsaw?

Hops said...

This is the closest he came:

Today, we just got out-pitched. It's normally pretty good baseball between us and those guys. Normally, it's some pretty crazy times and it was again this time.

Right...outpitched...that's what happened.

Pooh said...

Hops, why do you hate America?

Hops said...

What do you mean? I have "America, Fuck Yeah" tatooed on my upper left thigh. Although, I moved the punctuation after 'fuck'.

Pooh said...

When you say "Fuck the Red Sox," baby Jesus (version 1.0, not Joe Mauer) cries.