Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Madre de Dios, Por Que No?

Hopefully, the 2-0 start to the season has alleviated, if only slightly, my co-hosts laments for last minute rotation decisions. There is absolutely no reason anyone can give me to dissuade me from believing that these Twins have a legitimate shot at a perfect season. As a matter of fact, the only thing I'm wondering about this morning is, in such a scenario, whether or not Joe Nathan or Johan Santana would win the Cy Young award.

(The best cure for Ponsonitis? A trip truly the only reason I haven't been sharing the above mentioned lamentations is that the local paper in Frigliana, Spain didn't have daily Twins' roster updates. But I'm back now, boys...refreshed and ready for the marathon.)


Kaiser said...

Ponsonitis is overrated. It's Silvaitis that you have to worry about, and the only cure for that is to take yourself out of your own vacation even though you've spent six quality days by the pool already. Tummy aches make me feel icky.

crystal said...

Silvaitis? Maybe that's what I had during an unforgettable and unfortunate moment somewhere in the jungle of Peru.

I didn't know you were in Spain, Chris. Hope you had a fantastic trip.