Thursday, April 12, 2007

We Are What We Pretend To Be

I’m incapable of writing any worthy tribute to Kurt Vonnegut...that's for someone else.

I can only say that reading his books always make me feel like writing.


Does it feel nice this morning, Twins fans? Breathing again, I mean? I can only assume the first RBI of the year for favorite son Joe Mauer brought a collective exhale from Twindom last night. I know it did for me. As a matter of fact, after listening to The Jesus’ fateful at-bat, I was so confident of victory that I turned off The Talk Station and turned my full attention to the sneaky blonde bitch on Lost. (It’s about time she turns on us, we already know Jack has trouble picking the right ladies to fall for)

Sure, sure…I could dwell on the fact that our #3 hitting, defending batting champ, #1 draft choice, Juicy Nookie eating superstar BUNTED with a runner in scoring position earlier in the game…but I won’t. I don’t really care. My team won…the MFY’s lost. And the Little Latin Lover pitched his arse off.

The only lingering problem for me this morning…why the hell doesn’t The Fightin’ Canadian have a playoff beard? Some fan.


Kaiser said...

You can't really have a stoic "at-bat face", as DickNBert described last night, if you have a scraggly playoff beard. Do you think he stayed up for all 4 overtimes last night watching his Vancouver squad? I'm on the lookout for signs of sleepiness tonight. Tough to tell the difference between stoic and sleepy though....

Hops said...

I'm sure the labatts was flowing like the waves of Sidney Ponson's magnificent hair.

Hops said...

Vonnegut's obit from the NY Times: