Friday, April 06, 2007

Warm Fuzzy

It makes me feel all tingly inside when I read things like this, and makes it really hard to earnestly hate my mortal enemy's skipper:

“For me, they are the most underrated team in baseball. They find a way to beat you. That’s the type of team that will not beat itself. They will make you beat them. I have a lot of respect for them.'’

They have the best two players in the game right now and nobody knows about it. And that’s a shame. They got the catcher and the first baseman. They are tremendous players. Their right fielder is coming along to being a great player. The center fielder is the best in the game right now. They have a great second baseman.

This kid (Morneau) wins the MVP and nobody talks about him. We talk about the same people all the time. We talk about Manny (Ramirez), Big Papi (David Ortiz), Barry (Bonds). They never say anything about Mauer and company. That’s a shame people don’t give those kids the credit they deserve.

They play the game right. They get you in the right situations to beat you. The piranhas attack. That’s the way they attack. They go little by little and then you’re dead. They pitch, the make the play. They pitch and make a play. They move the guy over then boom, 2-0. Nathan is in the game, game is over.'’

Maybe it's time to get a new mortal enemy. I'm looking in your direction Tigers and Yankees...

(via Lavelle)


Hops said...

You may want to consider directing your gaze toward the Cuyahoga River. The Little Bastard (Grady Sizemore) is looking tough. And The Ugly Bastard (Travis Hafner) only makes an out when Denys Reyes is pitching.

The MFY's don't mean anything to me...their time is through. It's our time...our time down here.

Kaiser said...

When it comes to the Tribe, my hatred is laser-focused on the gravitational distortion that is C.C. Sebathia. I actually kind of like the Bastard twins. No hate for them.


Hops said...

C'mon...have you seen TLB? He's got a Dr. Cox perm going...I can't stand for that.

What did the team end up doing with Ken Harvey? Is in in Rochester? The Quiet Genius needs to be sure to call him up before any games against CC...for the inevitable bench clearing brawl.

Smitty said...

I'm glad you clarified the Harvey stuff, wasn't sure where you were going.

Grady is the Mauer of Cleveland. Everyone (except Hops & Dan B.) wants to marry Mauer, guys & girls. Same in Cleveland. Mauer's got the burns, Grady's got the perm. Jeter mania has been replaced.

I really like Ozzie, he may be a little cracked in the head sometimes, but he's honest. Remember when Namesake ran through their catcher like two years ago and everyone was pissed. Ozzie was like, "I would have done that, nice play." Nice.

I will hate, um, this is tough. I'll go with individual players I suppose. I need the season to get a little deeper before I start disliking someone/some team.

Kaiser said...

But Smitty, are you still feeling a historical player hating for the ChiSox? Or did that fade last year? Yankees is kind of a perma-hate for me, and I'm feeling the antipathy for the Tigers building. Mostly because of Magglio's hair. I mean...come on.

Hops said...

A little too much Midwestern nicety for me...fuck Apple Jacks and the Sox...fuck TLB, TUB, and the Tribe...fuck Bill Simmons and the other Sox (but not Peter Gammons)...fuck the Tigers and the convenience store where Jim Leyland gets all his smokes...fuck everyone West of the Rockies...and even fuck the Wal-Mart Royals.

(and breath)

Hops said...

Go on...something bad about the dome.

Pooh said...

That was Hops's "This is a Spike Lee Joint" right there. Oscar worthy. And speaking of Hateration, just remember Posada is a Little Bitch.

Hops said...

Oh...and fuck the weather. Man this sucks.