Monday, April 09, 2007

The MFY’s Are In Your Town!


Yeah, me neither.

Is it too early in the season? Or could it be because of the starting pitcher?

Conflict: Do you root for Soul Glow to pitch well because he’s a part of your team now, and more strong pitching is a very good thing. OR do you root for a mediocre appearance…bad enough to jump start Garzapalooza? It’s obvious you root for more good pitching performances…but I’m having a tough time embracing Sir Sid. No really...I mean, I don't think I could physically get my arms around the guy.

Allright, allright...perhaps I'm being a bit too harsh on the more portly members of the staff. Silva did fine on Saturday...Boof's been boffo...who knows, maybe The Fat Man in a Little Coat will do just fine tonight. (If nothing else, I love the limitless nickname possibilities)


Can we make sure Amy Hockert stays inside her house for the next few days…I don’t want Jeter to take a run at her. He’s already taken enough of MN’s finest (see: Biel, Jessica).

Weekend recap…sans Jesus at the Masters.

The weather is ridiculous. Nice article from Reusse explaining how MLB has made it’s own bed.

Saturday’s game was painful…I hate games like that. Mostly ‘cuz I couldn’t take the idea of seeing a quote from Gardenhire the next day talking about how “…we ran into his best stuff out there today”. But, pleasantly, he mostly blamed the game on Cuddy.

Pencil in Johan for 26 wins this year…he’s just too damn good. If it comes out that in between starts he likes to unwind by playing Contra and NHL ’94…Smitty’s head will explode. Could Kaiser be right? That we’re (all of baseball, really) taking Johizzy for granted? I don’t think so. I do expect a win every time…but I’m still thrilled to watch it happen. So I say “nay” on taking for granted…at least not yet.

And finally, from Hop’s Corner of Negativity…Baby Jesus’s RBI total through five games: Rhymes with Hero.


Kaiser said...

I will not be sucked in to the Mauer bashing. He's just too pretty.

My Santana theory didn't look so good yesterday evening when Johan's 1-hit game was the lead update story before Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. I assumed that it was just because Ozzie Guillen had taken the next logical step in his Twins love by actually sucking his dick behind the stadium after the game. I was mistaken. It was just about the game.

Kaiser said...

Oh yeah, the Yankees series. I have a bad feeling that we may give up like 20 runs in this series. Am I crazy? Or just Little Willy Worries-a-lot?

Definitely feeling the lack of buzz about the Pinstripers coming to town. Distracted by Wild? Or is everyone down because their Wang is on the DL? I know when my Wang is on the DL, it really puts a damper on my mood. I'm just saying ... injured Wangs are really painful to deal with.

Hops said...

Jason Kubel has one RBI. Jason Kubel.

Kaiser said...

Don't try to confuse me with facts. I see your game.

Smitty said...

Can Mauer drive in runs when no one is on base? Punto is batting .130. Can't expect him to drive in runs with a player on first.

Hops said... Castillo's average must be pretty low then too, huh?